Restaurant Review: The Vigour Kart

Restaurant Name : The Vigour Kart, Livstonia 3 , Palm Groves, B.T. Kawade Road, Pune

Date of Visit: 16th April 2017

An exclusive #FoodProwl ( food tasting event ūüôā

The Vigour Kart primarily is a home based delivery service only, not a dine-in based entity, so healthy food delivered right onto your table.

Vigour¬†meaning ‘physical strength and good health’, and that is the precise kind of food on offer at¬†The Vigour Kart, ¬†a initiative by Ms. Fedora Fernandes who herself is an health-conscious person. The healthy meals on offer at¬†The Vigour Kart are pretty generic in a sense¬†to be consumed any time of the day.¬†Fedora¬†seems to have put of lot of effort in optimizing the recipes to prepare Sugar Free, Gluten Free and so on, to make sure that the food served is low, if not totally free, on fat, carbs and high on proteins.

Brownies @ The Vigour Kart

The evening began with Flourless, Sugar as well as Gluten Free Brownies, prepared using dates and chocolate. Near imagined a healthy sugar free brownie can be so yummy. Priced at 250/- for a box of four decent sized pieces, worthy for each penny spent.

Oats Raisin Smoothie @ The Vigour Kart
Oats Raisin Smoothie @ The Vigour Kart

Next on the list was Oats Raisin Smoothie, prepared using Almond Milk and Oats with sweetness provided by consistent used of Raisins. Topped with Raisins and Chia gives it a much appealing look as well, otherwise healthy food at times itself can get repulsive.

Vanilla Fruit Blast Chia Pudding @ The Vigour Kart

Then came the star of the day, the Vanilla Fruit Blast Chia Pudding, prepared using Chia Seeds in Vanilla Flavoured Coconut Milk and loaded with fresh Fruits with subtle flavor of Honey. Absolutely amazing, filling, yet healthy Рno more words to explain it. The one that we had was primarily loaded with Bananas, whereas once which I ordered to be delivered was loaded with Bananas and Mangoes pieces. Just a king suggestion for Fedora, if possible, it might be really good to have options of fruit loadings for individuals liking !

Ice-Cream and Almond Butter @ The Vigour Kart

We also tasted the Almond Butter. Pleasant as well as healthy.

Ice-Cream @ The Vigour Kart

At the end of a fantabulous dinner, it was time for Desserts. Never imagined an Ice-Cream can be healthy as well !!! Being Dairy Free and unchurned, its a perfect home-made version of the Ice-Cream, comparing it to commercial counterparts might be injustice towards this healthy variant. So simply have it and enjoy it, simply because its healthy and has necessary soul satisfying flavors.

One of the most important feedbacks provided to Fedora was to provide information about Protein, Carb, Fat, etc. content of each item available on the menu, which will surely help customers to plan out individual intake depending upon his/her requirement.

Menu @ The Vigour Kart

So if you are health conscious person looking for healthy food delivered on your door-step, The Vigour Kart is one place which undeniably should be on your bucket list.

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