Restaurant Review: Swad Fish House, Hadapsar, Pune

Restaurant Review: Swad Fish House

Restaurant Name : Swad Fish House, 33, Bhosale Garden Building, Opposite Vaibhav Theatre, Hadapsar, Pune

A small outlet located in the by-lanes of the busy Pune-Solhapur road, an absolutely treat for the taste buds is on the offer. There is nothing fancy about this place to elaborate other than the food itself 🙂


The Surmai Thali that I had there for a couple of times was lip-smacking. Absolutely amazing till the last bite. There are two versions of gravy preparation available, one Maharashtrian and other Kokani based. Each time I had visited the place, I have opted for the Kokani based preparation only. The Fish Curry was simply awesome and had perfectly balanced flavors coming. The Rawa Fry served is also an absolute delicacy. Nicely prepared and not at all oily. The dry fish preparation served really completes the Thali. The Solkadhi, not to forget, was also very good


The Chicken Thali, which my friend had, with Maharashtrian based gravy was also delicious. Touch oily as one should expect it to be, but very well cooked. The dry chicken served was well prepared as well.

Overall a total VFM place and I can still feel the SWAD on my buds 😀

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