Restaurant Review: Plancha

Restaurant Name: Plancha, 2407 East Street, Near Corporation Bank, Camp, Pune

Date of Visit: 17th December 2017

An exclusive #FoodProwl ( food tasting event 🙂

Plancha, located on East Street, is a casual dining place offering Fast Food, European and Continental cuisines. It is a child of enthusiastic young chaps from Institute of Hotel Management, Goa namely Ajinkya Biwalkar, Namrata Gandhi, Kunal Vichare,Shubham PawarAvijit Paudel and Pavan Nimbalkar. Good to see some young blood having the guts running a restaurant in a tough and competitive environment of Pune, which offers immense scope for food-business, if sorted out well. Best wishes to these young chaps with their business and hope they proper with it.

For a casual dining place, the interiors are pretty basic, yet charming and provide the necessary comfort.

The food tasting began with mocktails namely Watermelon Mojito, Apple Grass Iced Tea and Malt Beer (Non-alcoholic). All the three mocktails were quite refreshing, pretty tough to pick and point out one to be the best. Just for the sake of beer love I will probably say Malt Beer was the best and may-be followed by Watermelon Mojito 😉

Malt Beer @ Plancha
Apple Grass Iced Tea @ Plancha

The food began with Crème Dubarry, a cauliflower soup, which was superbly flavored and consistent. Superbly done.

Crème Dubarry @ Plancha

The Asian Inspired Wings was again bang on target. The sausage used had perfectly balanced flavors and the chicken itself was cooked nicely right upto the bone. Absolutely succulent and heavenly.

Asian Inspired Wings @ Plancha
Asian Inspired Wings @ Plancha

The Loaded Nachos were also nicely done, nothing out-of-the-box, just stick to basics.

Loaded Nachos @ Plancha
Loaded Nachos @ Plancha

The Bhoona Mutton Buger was a star for the day. The mutton patty was simply awesome, the meat itself was excellent. I personally do not prefer cheese or mayo excessively dripping out of my burger, in that sense the use of cheese and mayo was just upto perfection. Undoubtedly, a great burger that I had after a long time, a must have.

Bhoona Mutton Buger @ Plancha
Bhoona Mutton Buger @ Plancha

The Peri Peri Chicken Burger was also very well done, complementing well the preparation of the Bhoona Mutton Burger. The only off thing about the burger was, the flavor of peri peri was too subtle for it to be referred by that name. So maybe they need to either boost the peri peri content or simply rename it to Chicken Burger.

Peri Peri Chicken Burger @ Plancha
Peri Peri Chicken Burger @ Plancha

The Cheese Chilli Toast was probably the one OFF entity of the afternoon. It would have been better to served it as an open cheese toast, as sandwiching the cheese made the toast a tad too much dry and killed it. Once served open the chesse with hint of chilli will make the toast  taste simply superb.

Cheese Chilli Toast @ Plancha

Both the pasta’s served, Hand Cut Tagliolini in Pesto and Frutti Di Mare,  were excellently done. really nothing much to comment about them. Just go there and enjoy the serving, the portion of which was a touch too small which will be the only complaint that I can make.

Hand Cut Tagliolini in Pesto @ Plancha
Hand Cut Tagliolini in Pesto @ Plancha
Frutti Di Mare @ Plancha

The Pomfret Racheado was the winner of the food tasting event. Relishes goan memories. The masala used to stuff the pomfret itself was simply superbly done. A must have if you are either a fish or goan-food lover. The only off about the serving was the rice served alongside it, which eventually had no place on the plate, the fish and masala already being dry. So they need to re-design the serving, without experimenting the Pomfret Recheado.

Pomfret Racheado @ Plancha
Pomfret Racheado @ Plancha

The Roast Chicken was another star of the day. The presentation itself was quite appealing. The butter roasted chicken was absolutely juicy, tender and delicious and went well with the mushroom puree and mash served with it. A must have for all the Kukkad lovers out there 😉

Roast Chicken @ Plancha

It was an afternoon well spent with the young entrepreneurs of Plancha and the excellent food prepared by them. Wishing these young chaps a great success with their venture.

FoodProwl team with chef Ajinkya Biwalkar @ Plancha

Disclaimer : The food tasting, exclusively for FoodProwl, was hosted by Planch team. The review, rather feedback, written is totally based on personal opinion and experience. Assuredly it is not a paid review. Visit the restaurant yourself and see how thinks go for you with  food, ambiance, service, etc.


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