Restaurant Review: Pandora Gastronomy & Bar

Restaurant Name: Pandora Gastronomy & Bar, 79/1, Unit 3, Ground Floor, Nyati Unitree, Nagar Road, Yerawada, Pune

Date of Visit: 11th April 2018

An exclusive #FoodProwl ( food tasting event :).

FoodProwl team was invited for drinks food tasting event and Pandora located in Yerwada, on Nagar Road. The place has a nice and peaceful ambiance. The cuisine served is American, Thai, NorthIndian and Chinese.

Vising a place themed around drinks and night-life, the evening has to start with drink, primarily cocktails and cocktails. Of all the cocktails tried, the highlight of the day was ElderlFashioned, bourbon whiskey based cocktail. Use of thyme makes it very aromatic and use of elderflower makes smoothing. One of the best cocktails that one can enjoy over a fine evening.

ElderlFashioned @ Pandora
ElderlFashioned @ Pandora

The next best cocktail was Pandora LIIT, which really is quite potent, so drink carefully. Priced at 775/-, seems on higher side and hence I will leave you to choose if its worth it or not. Even thought the cocktails is quite powerful, yet the flavors are

Pandora LIIT @ Pandora

The food started with Tuna Bhel being served first up, from their 5 minute gastronomy section. The idea is, the three dishes that they have in 5 minute gastronomy menu, will be served in 5 minutes. The bhel in itself was nicely prepared, no rocket since in that, and is topped with sour cream and balsamic pearls. The major twist was addition of tamarind chutney marinated tuna into bhel. The quantity of tuna was too small in the bhel, so if the group is large everyone might not actually feel that tuna is present ! And I have doubts, increase the content might kill the bhel itself. So some rework might be needed with this perspective, otherwise it is a nice variant available.

Tuna Bhel @ Pandora
Tuna Bhel @ Pandora

Murgh Dhakhni Shorba and Spiced Canton Broth Veg followed next. Unfortunately, I did not got opportunity to click the Murgh Shorba, but the spicy chicken broth was nicely done. The veg broth was not that spicy, as the name suggest, but for a soup it spices were upto perfect levels. Nothing really one can complain much about both the soups.

Spiced Canton Broth Veg @ Pandora

Som Tam Chicken Salad, is prepared using thai raw papaya, crushed peanuts and nampla dressing. It is served with a chicken satay. The salad has very mild dressing flavors and chicken satay was nicely done.

Som Tam Chicken Salad @ Pandora

Arugula & Candied Walnut Salad has tomato, arugula, basil pesto and bocconcini. Crushed candied walnut, walnut chikki to simply, added gives it nice crunch. This was a better dressed up salad compared to the Som Tam one.

Arugula & Candied Walnut Salad @ Pandora

Chicken Cafreal served was pretty bland. Did not had any flavors that one would associate with cafreal.

Chicken Cafreal @ Pandora

Honey Chilly Lotus Roots, the lotus roots were very crisp but seems due to honey chilly glaze and mould used for styling on the plate, the roots got stuck with one another. This can be taken care of easily. Personally, I would like the chilly to be little dominant.

Honey Chilly Lotus Roots @ Pandora

Hot Bean Prawn Rocks, uses hot beans with chilli tossed king size prawns served with sriracha aioli. The starter again lacked flavors, the only plus was the king size prawns used. All the three starters served, were really not upto the mark set by other servings.

Hot Bean Prawn Rocks @ Pandora

From the main, Nalli Niharri was simply delicious. The lamb was excellently cooked and the gravy had nice flavors infused by slow cooking. Severed with khamiri roti, makes an excellent combination.

Nalli Niharri @ Pandora

The real winner for the evening was Dum Ka Murg served from the mains. Forget the chicken, the gravy prepared is very rich in texture, flavors as well as aroma. A must have preparation at Pandora. Served with Kalonji Naan, it is a very good combo. I did not see Dum Ka Murg on Pandora’s menu, I was informed that it is going to be introduced soon.

Dum Ka Murg @ Pandora

Sri Lankan Veg Curry prepared using spicy coconut and pandan leaves, albit not that spicy, appears very closely to Thai curry. Taste wise its quite different to thai curry sue to absence of lemon grass and other thai curry ingredients. The curry had nice flavors and served with cabbage coconut rice, it goes really well.

Sri Lankan Veg Curry @ Pandora

Saffron and Prawn Risotto, the name itself was seducing to me the moment I saw it on the menu. Saffron infused preparation of risotto – enticing enough. Prawns is just the icing on the cake. Extremely deliciously done and a must try stuff. May be they can have a veg variant for this on the menu, if possible.

Saffron and Prawn Risotto @ Pandora

I guess this was enough for my appetite to close down the shutters. But desserts are a must after such a wonderful meal. Hazelnut and Salted Caramel Moelleux  was really awesome. The salted caramel suppress the overall sweetness very well to the personal comfort of my taste buds.

Hazelnut and Salted Caramel Moelleux @ Pandora

Gajar Halwa Boreks lagged in terms of flavor of gajar halwa – too subtle. Others might like it. I personally prefer to have Gajar Halwa itself rather than all this fancy inventions around it.

Gajar Halwa Boreks @ Pandora

Phirni Parfait, phirni with rose petals and topped with rose petals and rose pearls ! Lots of rose in this 😉 Again sweetness was band on target.

Phirni Parfait @ Pandora

The Chocolate Dome that came in at the end was simply superb. One of those desserts which is hard to click, gone before you can click 😉

Chocolate Dome @ Pandora

Special thanks to Sasha Anand and Pomelo Social for inviting FoodProwl to an awesome place for a tasting event.

FoodProwl Team @ Pandora

Disclaimer : The food tasting, exclusively for FoodProwl, was hosted by Pandora Gastronomy & Bar. The review, rather feedback, written is totally based on personal opinion and experience. Assuredly it is not a paid review. Visit the restaurant yourself and see how thinks go for you with  food, ambiance, service, etc.


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