Restaurant Review: Mughal Sarai

Restaurant Name : Mughal Sarai, C1, 3rd Floor, The Brahma, Kondhwa Road, Kondhwa, Pune

Date of Visit: 17th June 2017

An exclusive #FoodProwl ( food tasting event 🙂

Mughal Saria, opened a couple of moths ago, is a roof-top restaurant located on Kondhwa Road, the nearest landmark that I can think of is Jyoti Restaurant. I must say that, might be little difficult to locate the first time, but equally hard to forget the place, which I can vouch one will not visit just once. They have got valet parking, just in case if some people are curious to know. Huge outside seating space with beautiful view of the mountains , expressive enough for a good dining experience that awaits you. Indoor seating is also an option available, but the bar counter is available only for outdoor seating, but yes liquor is served indoor as well. The cuisine served primarily is Mughlai, with options of Chinese and Continental also being available.

Also to concise upfront, the afternoon turned out to be amongst one of those rare food-tasting events to which FoodProwl has been invited where everything was just so perfect, really nothing to complaint about – may it be veg or non-veg, starters, main-course, desserts, everything just bang on target. Sumptuous and absolutely soul satisfying meals.

The afternoon began with mocktails being served first. The Khus Ka Sharbat, khus flavored mocktail loaded chia seeds was absolutely refreshing –  the aroma of khus was simply superbs with consistent flavor.

After having the Khus Ka Sharbat, the Blue Lagoon mocktail felt bland, the taste buds being pre-occupied with khus flavor. Might have to try it independently the next time, to figure it out.

Both the soups served namely, Ghosht Paaya Ka Shorbha and Murgh Yakhnee were also pretty well done, the Ghost Paaya Ka Shorba being the better one for me. Consistent meat flavor in the soup and a touch on the spicier side.

Karari Roti @ Mughal Sarai

 The Karari Roti severed at Mughal Sari is really karari, very thin and crispy rumali roti, garnished with oil and spices. Probably one of the best served around in Pune.

Three delicacies : Shahjani Paneer, Dahi Ke Kebab and Keftey Kebab @ Mughal Sarai

After the introductions were done, mocktails finished and soups consumed it was time to have some food.

Shahjani Paneer @ Mughal Sarai

Shahjani Paneer, marinated panner stuffed, rather sandwiched, with minced mushroom based filling, was also very superbly done. The panner was soft, fresh and delicious, marination used has well balanced flavors and the mushroom based stuffing gives an additional flavor to the conventional tikkas served elsewhere. Also the panner chunks are pretty huge in size, so gives a good filling to the stomach.

Dahi Ke Kebab @ Mughal Sarai

Dahi Ke Kebab,hung curd stuffed in batter and crisp fried. Another excellent serving and much have for veggies. I always relish the distinctive sour flavor that this starter acquires from curd.

Keftey Kebab @ Mughal Sarai

Keftey Kebab, prepared using minced goat meat mixed with spices and grilled with skewers, the undoubted start of the day. The kebabs were pretty juicy, which was good to see, otherwise some places end up making them too dry for my comfort.

Murgh Ki Raseed @ Mughal Sarai

Murgh Ki Raseed, prepared using cream based marination hence a touch on the sweeter side, but not too sweet. Prolonged marination made sure the flavors are infused right upto the bones of the chicken. The chicken itself was quite tender post the preparation.

Paneer Lababdar @ Mughal Sarai

Paneer Lababdar : Being a non-veg lover myself, finding myself with veg preparation that is simply irresistible, that’s a very rare occurrence. One such phenomena did happened at Mughal Sarai. Sooth, thick and consistent gravy with perfectly balanced flavors and loaded with lot of cream, not to forget the Paneer itself was soft. I can simply consume that gravy itself forgetting about it has veg or non-veg. Such a delicious preparation, a must try out thing.

Daal Bhukhara @ Mughal Sarai

Daal Bhukhara : I guess its just another name for the Dal Makhani, and looked so as well. Creamy and well cooked dal, ensuring prolonged slow cooking made it very delicious.

Nalli Nihari @ Mughal Sarai

Nalli Nihari : The gravy had consistent meat texture indicating the meat, mutton nalli, was cooked slowly and for a prolonged time with the gravy. Absolutely delicious.

Murgh Makhani @ Mughal Sarai

Murgh Makhani: Chicken cooked in cream based gravy. the gray was thick with consistent flavors and a touch on sweeter side with tender chicken pieces. Indeed. pretty yummy !!!

Kache Gosht Ki Biryani @ Mughal Sarai

Kache Gosht Ki Biryani, was another star attraction for the day. Raw meat slow-cooked with the rice to produce a aromatic biryani with succulent meat. Biryani was absolutely luscious and had sublimely balanced flavors.

Main Course Spread @ Mughal Sarai

Every single entity served from the main course section was a delight for the taste buds and absolutely sumptuous. Main course was served with Butter Naan, Peshawari Naan and Taaftaan. Taaftaan in particular was outstanding.

Kesari Firnhi @ Mughal Sarai

Kesari Firnhi,when served, the kesar aroma as well as colorful appearance made it pretty appealing. Personally, I was happy that it wasn’t too sweat, just the perfect level maintained for my comfort. The Firnhi was quite thick, something unusual as that is served this thick at other places. As informed to us, it was the Chef’s own adaption of the traditional preparation, eventually was pretty impressive.

Malai Kulfi @ Mughal Sarai

Malai Kulfi : Speaking about Mughlai food, kulfi doesn’t needs an introduction. The meal is just incomplete without kulfi being served. Malai Kulfi topped with not-to-sweet Rabri and garnished with grated dry-fruits. Absolutely soul satisfying 😉

Food Prowl Team @ Mughal Sarai

A place which you should definitely visit and give it a try atleast once.

Disclaimer : The food tasting, exclusively for FoodProwl, was hosted by Mughal Sari. The review, rather feedback, written is totally based on personal opinion and experience. Assuredly it is not a paid review. Visit the restaurant yourself and see how thinks go for you with  food, ambiance, service, etc.

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    1. Urvashi,
      Thanks for liking the images. Yes, indeed the food is excellent. I have visited the place multiple times myself, not disappointed once 🙂

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