Restaurant Review: Keg & Barrel

Restaurant Name : Keg & Barrel, Dyaneshwar Paduka Chowk, Ghole Road, FC Road, Pune

Date of Visit: 19th March 2017

An exclusive #FoodProwl ( food tasting event 🙂

The #FoodProwl team was invited to try out and provide feedback the Sunday Brunch at Keg & Barrel. It is a  small place, with really not a very huge seating space – both indoor and outdoor, located off FC road. Nothing really fancy done in terms of the interiors seems quite comfortable place where you can enjoy drinks and food with your friends or/and family.

Their Sunday Brunch, priced at 550/- per head (+taxes) and includes one beverage, one glass of beer/cocktail/ mocktail/milkshake/soft drink, prima-facie looks a total VFM for the range of food it offers.

Image Credits @ Shyam Sharma

Tomato & Mozzarella Salad :  Nicely garnished and decent dressing, but a touch salty.

Tomato & Mozzarella Salad @ Keg & Barrel

Chat from the live chat counter was also pretty decent.

Starters :

Chilli Garlic Paneer : Was seasoned perfectly with consistent and very well balanced of chili and garlic.

Tandoori Aloo : The stuffed potatoes were also excellently done, not charred and cooked to perfection.

Lasooni Murgh Tikka : Undoubtedly one of the delicacy for the day. Tender pieces of chicken marinated perfectly with just sufficient texture of garlic and cooked to perfection. Really awesome preparation.

Lamb Shami Kebab : The so-called kebabs were a little disappointing. Better to be called cutlets rather than kebabs, the picture speaks what I mean to say . Also they were devoid of meat itself, barely any feel of having lamb. So they need to work towards it, both in terms of meat content as well as to justify the name itself.

Lamb Shami Kebab @ Keg & Barrel

Main Course :

Vegetable Handi :To concise, a very good veg preparation that I had after a long-time. Consistent, thick, cream based gravy loaded with veggies. An absolute delight.

Murgh Handi Lazeez : Another very good preparation on the offer for main course. Initially the gravy for Murgh Handi Lazeez appeared similar to that of Vegetable Handi, but they actually were not the same. The gravy again was pretty consistent and the chicken was soft and well cooked.

Murgh Handi Lazeez @ Keg & Barrel

Dal Makhani :  Dal Makhani was decent, but using prolonged cooking can definitely make it much better. Else everything was fine about it.

Dal Makhani @ Keg & Barrel

Veg Biryani :  Veg biryani, sounds funny oxymoron, surprisingly was excellently prepared and flavors were very well balanced. Pretty soothing for the taste buds.

Veg Biryani @ Keg & barrel

Dessert :

Gajar Halwa & Ice Cream : After being served with pretty decent food, the combo of Gajar Hawla with Ice-Cream turned out to be the perfect climax. The Gajar Halwa was excellently prepared, almost homely, sweetened to the perfect levels. Simply mouth-savory.

Gajar Halwa & Ice-Cream @ Keg & Barrel

The Tandoori Tangdi and Lamb Chops, not a part of the Sunday Brunch, offered to us were also pretty good. In particular the Lamb Chops , marinated using black masala were simply amazing and the meat itself was succulent, cooked to perfection. A must try entity.

So overall the Sunday brunch might be a VFM affair which one should definitely try out atleast once and decide for himself.

FoodProwl Gang @ Keg & Barrel

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