Restaurant Review: Giani Ice Cream

Visit Date: 29/11/2015 with the intent to try out their newly launched menu …

The newly launched Red Velvet was really wonderful to have. A variation of cassata that comes in a block to give random mix of sponge-cake and ice-cream when served by a scoop. The cones, I guess, will just function to improve on the presentation.

Vanilla ice-cream with hot gulab-jamuns topped with chocolate syrup.DSCN2839

The Brazilian Coffee, only for those who love that extra bit of coffee pinch. DSCN2841

Visit Date: 9/01/2016 : It’s Dessert Time again …

And somehow Vikram always manages to have something new for me to try. So this time that something was ‘Kuch Nahi’. First let me post the pic for the so called ‘Kuch Nahi’….

And then they call is ‘Kuch Nahi’ πŸ˜‰

Ingredients ofΒ Kuch Nahi : Choco Chips, Giani Special, Tutty fruity, Black Current & Butterscotch !!! Fruit cubes at the bottom followed by four scoops and hot chocolate syrup on the top with choco chips. A great Sundae to try out for. The Fruit cubes at the bottom ascertains that oneΒ  enjoy’s the melted ice-cream thoroughly at the end too.

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