Restaurant Review: Elephant & Co.

Restaurant Name: Elephant & Co., Shop 5, Ground Floor Sai Heritage Survey 131/1B/1, BanerMain Road, Baner, Pune

Date of Visit: 10th June 2018

An exclusive #FoodProwl ( food tasting event :).

Elephant & Co. is not a new name for party fanatic peoples’ in Pune. The reasons are simple – good drinks served coupled with awesome food and great ambiance to party hard. Recently they have opened their second branch in Baner. FoodProwl team was invited for a tasting event, hosted at their new outlet. The menu was carefully curated by the chef.

A soothing orange based welcome drink was served first up.

Jasmine Alger Rum @ Elephant & Co.

The afternoon for me started with Jasmine Alger Rum, rum based cocktail. Infused with egg and flavored with jasmine tea and honey with hint of peach. Quite potent preparation, but lacked flavors and tasted flat.

Dead Pool @ Elephant & Co.

When at Elephant & Co, their cocktail Dead Pool must be definitely on your bucket list. A combination of Absinthe and Whiskey with  dash of bitter – a deadly yest flavorful combination indeed !

Orange Margarita & Elderflower Spritzer @ Elephant & Co.
Strawberry Sangria @ Elephant & Co.

Some of the other cocktails that we had were Orange MargaritaElderflower Spritzer and Strawberry Sangria.

Salt & Pepper Water Chestnut @ Elephant & Co.

The food menu began with Salt & Pepper Water Chestnut being served. To this moment I never had a clue as to something like a starter can be prepared using Water Chestnuts ! This definitely gives me a extra option to explore and surprise veggie-guests whist partying at home. The water chestnuts were batter fried, not very crisp. with dash of salt and pepper with finely chopped veggies.

Panner and Veg Tikki Slider @ Elephant & Co.

Panner and Veg Tikki Slider, has a patty prepared using panner and vegetables. The patty was nicely prepared. Served with salsa and french fries, it overall is a decent preparation to have for the veggies.

Salli Kheema Slider @ Elephant & Co.

Salli Kheema Slider,  non-veg variant for the above, drew my attention more. Parsi style kheema preparation, coated with potato salli. The kheema was perfectly prepared and stuffed inside warm buttered pao.

Butter Chilli Oyster Wings @ Elephant & Co.

Butter Chilli Oyster Wings, chicken wings tossed in chilly oyster sauce  was again excellently done. The wings were cooked to perfection with perfect blend of oyster sauce. Not much spicy, but a perfect dish as a pub side.

Egg White Souffle Omelette @ Elephant & Co.

Egg White Souffle Omelette had kept me awaiting for its arrival from the time I saw it on the tasting menu. Nothing much to elaborate about it as it was just a souffle omelette. But the preparation of the omelette was bang on target – soft and fluffy.

Mushroom Crepes @ Elephant & Co.

Mushroom Crepes, mushroom ragout stuffed crepes, was an absolute veg delicacy in terms of preparation as well as presentation. The crepes were served on a bed of chilly garlic sage butter sauce which was itself quite aromatic.

Tofu Steak @ Elephant & Co.

The Tofu Steak was again an awesome veg preparation served. The grilled tofu steak served with creamed potatoes itself was simply astonishing – tender as jelly. Served with charred tomato sauce on the top and veggies on siding, it was an absolutely delicious serving. A must have for veggies.

Dosa Waffle with Chicken Chettinad @ Elephant & Co.

Dosa Waffle with Chicken Chettinad, was another amazing combination curated by the chef – a simply out of the box combo. The waffles were prepared using dosa batter, slightly thinner waffle than the one served would be better as the waffles were little under-cooked at the core. The chicken chettinad prepared using shreded chicken was mouth-savory. For me this was the most innovative serving of the day.

Champagne Risotto with Aglio Olio Prawn @ Elephant & Co.

Champagne Risotto with Aglio Olio Prawn was an absolute heart winner. The garlic and olive tossed prawns had excellent flavors. The champagne risotto was superbly done as well and went well with the prawns served alongside.

Lamb Chops with Beer Reduction and Mash @ Elephant & Co.

The last serving for the afternoon was not less elegant either.  The Lamb Chops with beer reduction were prepared bang to perfection – juicy and tender. Served with creamy mashed potatoes and crispy spinach, a must have entity for the lamb lovers. The undoubted star of the day for me.

Ghost Pepper Sauce @ Elephant & Co.

Somewhere in the midst of the amazing food chaos, a bomb in the form of small sauce bowl was served which does needs a special mention. It was a bowl of Ghost Pepper based sauce ! Try at your own risk kind-off entity. Definitely not for the faint hearted. Elephant & Co. is a place well known for having some mind blowing, rather tongue blowing, ghost pepper based preparation. So if anyone is interested in trying out some good ghost pepper based preparation should be vising this place.

Flourless Chocolate Cake @ Elephant & Co.

The afternoon ended with Flourless Chocolate Cake served with ice-cream on the top. Nice way to end a sumptuous meal.

Somehow the place has got a good positive vibe. The reason I may be using the phrase is because at the end it felt as if a bunch of friends were having a weekend meet, rather than a food-tasting event. The place has got a really nice ambiance to have a great drinking/dining outing with fiends or family.

Disclaimer : The food tasting, exclusively for FoodProwl, was hosted by Elephant & Co. The review, rather feedback, written is totally based on personal opinion and experience. Assuredly it is not a paid review. Visit the restaurant yourself and see how thinks go for you with  food, ambiance, service, etc.


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