Restaurant Review: The Courtyard

Restaurant Name : The Courtyard, 121/122, Rambaug Colony, Back Lane Of Bedekar Ganpati, Opposite Khaliya Shop, Kothrud, Pune

Date of Visit: 20th August 2017

An exclusive #FoodProwl ( food tasting event 🙂

Well, to concise, it seems Kothrud has finally getting one classic place, serving Indian and Continental food,  for eating out with family, friends or colleagues. Had a fabulous lunch today with #FoodProwlTeam. Surprised to see such a beautifully decored place in the heart of Kothrud. The place, to my licking, has a nice and evenly lit ambiance. Kudos to the owners Manoj Kumar and Kavita Kulkarni for coming out with such an awesome place.

Coming to the most important aspect of a restaurant, it’s food 😀

Zuppa Di Brocoli @ The Courtyard

Zuppa Di Brocoli – A creamy, thick and consistent textures, broccoli soup with hint of mushroom and corn and goodness of cheese. With non-stop rains pouring down, since almost 12 hours, and the rain chill in the atmosphere, the warmth of soup was so soothing for the body.

Corn Cheese Snow @ The Courtyard
Corn Cheese Snow @ The Courtyard

Corn Cheese Snow : Crisp and superbly prepared Cheese balls with no oil dripping, topped with olives and presented superbly. The only minor glitch, with the presentation, was size of the cheese balls was too large making it inconvenient to be dipped in the sausage provided in the glass, needs to be rectified and the message was aptly conveyed to the chef.

Wrapped Cottage Cheese @ The Courtyard

Wrapped Cottage Cheese : Another classic starter prepared very well. Soft cottage cheese cubes wrapped in batter and crispy fired. A great started complementing the rainy weather.

Paneer Shashlik @ The Courtyard
Paneer Shashlik @ The Courtyard

Paneer Shashlik : Soft panner cubes marinated pretty well and grilled perfectly in tandoor retaining the juiciness of Paneer as well as flavors of the marination used, perfectly balance and not too spicy.

Murgh Paprika Tikka @ The Courtyard

Murgh Paprika Tikka : Fresh and Tender chicken pieces marinated in paprika mix and perfectly grilled. A touch spicy, but within bearable limits.

Garlic Butter Prawns @ The Courtyard

Garlic Butter Prawns : The undoubted star of the day in terms of preparation as well as presentation, a full 10 out of 10 kinda entity. Jumbo prawns coated with butter and garlic based marination, baked superbly and served with mashed potatoes. Simply delicious and mouth-savory, must have.

Chicken Steak in Rum and Mushroom Sauce @ The Courtyard
Chicken Steak in Rum and Mushroom Sauce @ The Courtyard

Chicken Steak in Rum and Mushroom Sauce : Another simply superb and must try entity at The Courtyard. Absolutely tender and well baked chicken steaks served with Rum and Mushroom based sauce. The sauce itself was excellent in terms of texture as well as flavors. They claim it to be a House Specialty, and I will not doubt a bit about it until the consistency prevails.

Khow-Suey @ The Courtyard
Khow-Suey (Assorted Condiments) @ The Courtyard

Burmese Khow-Suey : The curry was nicely prepared with distinct yet subtle flavors of its ingredients, it actually did not needed the assorted condiments that the dish comes along.

Subz-E-Tawa @ The Courtyard

Tawa Veg (Subz-E-Tawa) : The  typical India tawa fry with different veggies mixed and little spicy. Just superbly done .

Lasooni Paneer Tikka Masal @ The Courtyard

Lasooni Paneer Tikka Masal : Another trademark Indian preparation with quite flavored and colourful gravy, not very dominant with garlic as the name suggest. Nevertheless, quite good to have.

Lasooni Dal Fry @ The Courtyard

Lasooni Dal Fry : Good to see a dal fry which is resembles the home-made dal fry.

Veg Biryani @ The Courtyard

The Veg-Biryani served also was nicely prepared, not too spicy, perfectly balance flavors. Apart from this the Jungli Naan (five flavored naan) and the Butter Garlic Roti were served.

Crispy Honey Noodle with Chikki Ice-Cream @ The Courtyard

Crispy Honey Noodle with Chikki Ice-Cream : Desserts form an integral part of any good meal. The Chikki Ice-Cream served was absolutely mind-blowing, alteast I had something like this for the first time, never imagined something like blending Chikki with Vanilla Ice-Cream can be done ! The good part about the Honey Noodles served alongside, were they were not too overpowered with the sweetness of Honey, just perfectly done to suit my personal comfort. Do ask for it 🙂

Sizzling Chicken @ The Courtyard

Although we did not tried it, but the Sizzling Chicken, flamed on the table, looked very tempting and is definitely on the cards for the next visit. One might really like to try this out.

A place which you should definitely visit and give it a try atleast once. Mocktail @ The Courtyard

Food Prowl Team @ The Courtyard with Manoj Kumar (owner)

Disclaimer : The food tasting, exclusively for FoodProwl, was hosted by The Courtyard. The review, rather feedback, written is totally based on personal opinion and experience. Assuredly it is not a paid review. Visit the restaurant yourself and see how thinks go for you with  food, ambiance, service, etc.


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