Restaurant Review: Chop Chop – Wok To Go

Restaurant Name: Chop Chop – Wok To Go, 79/1, Zero One Complex, Pingale Vasti, Mundhwa, Pune

Date of Visit: 17th February 2018

An exclusive #FoodProwl ( food tasting event :).

Chop Chop -Wok To Go, has recently come-up as one of those outlets that serves some excellent Asian delicacies – Dimsums, Spring Rolls, Wok Box to name some. So one fine day if you are carving for some Asian delicacies, this place should definitely be their on your checklist. And if you have not tried it yet, put the name right on the top of your wishlist.

Currently, they have two outlets – one in Aundh and other in KP area and they have delivery service as well. The tasting invitation was for their Aundh outlet, which I guess should not matter much. It is a small place with not very huge seating capacity – may be can accommodate 30 odd persons at a time. The place however is nicely decored with theme centered around the food they serve.

Pink Lemonade and Lemongrass Lemonade @ Chop Chop – Wok To Go
Peach Passion Fruit Ice Tea and Lemongrass Lemonade @ Chop Chop – Wok To Go

The afternoon began with serving of some refreshing beverages – Pink LemonadeLemongrass Lemonade and Peach Passion Fruit Ice Tea.

Spiced Minced Vegetable, Cottage Cheese & Spinach and Exotic Vegetable Dimsums (top-bottom) @ Chop Chop – Wok To Go

The food began with hot Veg Dimsums being served. All three variants namely, Cottage Cheese & SpinachExotic Vegetable and Spiced Minced Vegetable were served. The steaming hot dimusms by the looks itself were quite tempting, in particular the Cottage Cheese & Spinach Dimsum – cottage cheese in green colored spinach flavored wrapper.

Cottage Cheese & Spinach Dimsum @ Chop Chop – Wok To Go

Taste wise choice might be between Exotic Vegetable and Spiced Minced Vegetable variants of the dimsums. The shell of Exotic Vegetable Dimsum was very thin – almost transparent. The Spiced Minced Vegetable was just spicy, nothing alarming as the name suggests. Just a small taste variation from the Exotic Vegetable variant.

Sambal Baby Potatoes @ Chop Chop – Wok To Go

Sambal Baby Potatoes served next should simply be a great option for veggies. The baby potatoes were perfectly baked and nicely infused with sambal sauce flavor.

Chicken Yakitori @ Chop Chop – Wok To Go

Another serving from the skewers section, Chicken Yakitori was simply mouth-savory. The yakitori sauce itself was perfectly flavored – sweet and sour. Sesame seeds garnishing made the presentation quite appealing.

Prawns Sui Mui, Chicken Sui Mui and Chicken & Basil Dumplin @ Chop Chop – Wok To Go

Next it was turn of non-veg dimsums. All three available variants namely, Prawns Sui MuiChicken Sui Mui and Chicken & Basil Dumplin were served. Both Prawns and Chicken Sui Mui dimsums are open faced, with very thin shell. The Chicken & Basil Dumplin had mild hint of basil, not very overpowering. All three variants were nicely done, really nothing one can complaint about them.

Next came the super crispy Spring Rolls. The Cheese & Jalapeno Spring Roll was the better one between the two variants served. The combination of cheese with jalapeno hint creates a nice texture that soothes the taste buds very well. The Veggie Spring Roll prepared using mince veggies was nicely done as well.

Cheese & Jalapeno Spring Roll and Veggie Spring Roll @ Chop Chop – Wok To Go

The Vietnamese Loaded Fries served probably were the only off preparation which they definitely need to work out on a little. Touch oily and inconsistency in terms of salt as well.

Vietnamese Loaded Fries @ Chop Chop – Wok To Go

Then came the Hot Pot’s – Thai Green Curry and Malaysian Kary. Both the curries were bang on target. The flavors of both curries were excellently balanced. Both curries are served with rice and one can select the proteins in the curry as veg, tofu, chicken or prawns. The portions size served is also pretty decent for a single person.

Thai Green Curry @ Chop Chop – Wok To Go
Malaysian Kary @ Chop Chop – Wok To Go

And finally the Wok Boxes were served. The way these wok boxes are packed and delivered is quite impressive as well.

Wok Boxes @ Chop Chop – Wok To Go
Wok Box @ Chop Chop – Wok To Go

The portion size of each box is again pretty decent for a single person. The three variants served to us were, Flat Rice Noodles in Chiang Mai sauceHakka Noodles in Hong Kong sauce and Steamed Rice in Beijing Sauce.

Flat Rice Noodles in Chiang Mai sauce, Hakka Noodles in Hong Kong sauce and Steamed Rice in Beijing Sauce (clockwise from top-left) @ Chop Chop – Wok To Go

One can customise the Wok Box by choosing from 4 different bases available, 8 choice of greens, 8 different sauce options and and five available condiments. Also you can select from four proteins namely vegetarian, tofu, chicken or prawns. I liked Steamed Rice in Beijing Sauce the most amongt the three wok boxes served. Beijing sauce imparts more balanced flavors which should suit the masses more, independent of personal choice. Both Chiang Mai sauce and Hong Kong sauce are on the spicer side making them individual choices to opt for.

Hakka Noodles in Hong Kong Sauce @ Chop Chop – Wok To Go
Flat Rice Noodles in Chiang Mai Sauce @ Chop Chop – Wok To Go
Steamed Rice in Beijing Sauce @ Chop Chop – Wok To Go

It was a wonderful afternoon spend with some really mouth-savory asian food. Also it looks a VFM place considering price, portion size as well as quality of food served.

Food Prowl Team @ Chop Chop – Wok To Go

Disclaimer : The food tasting, exclusively for FoodProwl, was hosted by Chop Chop – Wok To Go. The review, rather feedback, written is totally based on personal opinion and experience. Assuredly it is not a paid review. Visit the restaurant yourself and see how thinks go for you with  food, ambiance, service, etc.


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