Restaurant Review: 11 East Street Bar

Restaurant Name: 11 East Street Bar, Arcade 6, Ishanya Mall, Yerawada, Pune

Date of Visit: 7th December 2017

An exclusive #FoodProwl ( food tasting event 🙂

11ESB is one place that does not needs any introduction to night life lovers in Pune. The 11 East Street Cafe (ESC) located on East Street in Camp area is already a well-know entity to food lovers in Pune. Their new outlet name 11 East Street Bar (ESB), opened recently in Ishanya Mall. The indoor seating belongs to the fine dine restaurant ZORA, whereas the outdoor seating has been named 11ESB. The decor of 11ESB follows the same as of 11ESC, justifying the London-in-Pune concept, where one can enjoy drinks and lip-smacking food with friends or colleagues.

11 East Street Bar
11 East Street Bar
11 East Street Bar

As the name suggest, 11ESB is a place that orients itself around drinks and associated bar bites, followed by food, the menu reflect the same.

Food Tasting Menu @ 11 East Street Bar

The tasting began with some signature cocktails being served upfront. The cocktails served were Tropical Sangrian (Red Wine)Indian LIITAam Panna MojitoWatermelon and Paan MargaritaTaste The ThunderVodka -Jal Super Stuff and Why So Santra. My favorite pick from the lot was Taste The Thunder cocktail, which is a rum based cocktail mixed with thums-uptabascochaat masala and coriander – end product simply thundering.

From the veg bar-eats section we were served Cheese Dunked MushroomsDrunk Chilli Jalapeno Cheese Balls with Beer SauceCreamy Mushroom and Onion Toast, and Fiery Crispy Veg.

Cheese Dunked Mushrooms @ 11 East Street Bar

The Cheese Dunked Mushrooms were absolutely juicy and flavorsome.

Drunk Chilli Jalapeno Cheese Balls with Beer Sauce @ 11 East Street Bar

Drunk Chilli Jalapeno Cheese Balls, the cheese balls were excellent, the jalapeno flavor was not very strong and went well with the beer sauce served alongside.

Creamy Mushroom and Onion Toast @ 11 East Street Bar
Creamy Mushroom and Onion Toast @ 11 East Street Bar

The Creamy Mushroom and Onion Toast was rich and simply superb. I will let the picture do the talking about how good it was. A great bar bite to try out.

Fiery Crispy Veg @ 11 East Street Bar

The Fiery Crispy Veg unfortunately was neither fiery nor crispy enough, but not bad either. Some may like and some may not like it, but definitely could and should be made more crispy.

Mutton Galauti Kebab @ 11 East Street Bar

From the non-veg bar-eats section, the Mutton Galauti Kebabs were undoubted star for the evening. The most amazing starters to have 😉 Served with a slice of flat bread and mint chutney, the Kebabs were absolutely tender and full of flavors – will simply melt in your mouth.

Amritsari FIsh Fingers @ 11 East Street Bar

The Amritsari FIsh Fingers served with red chilli tartare was nicely done as well. Basa was used to prepared the crisp batter-fried fish-fingers .

Kolhapuri Masala Chicken Lollipop @ 11 East Street Bar

Kolhapuri Masala Chicken Lollipop again turned out to be a great bar-bite, the chicken lollipop itself being prepared to perfection. The only disappointing part was that the Kolhapuri Masala was suppressed in terms of spice levels, something that most of the restaurants tend to follow. May be, if possible, they should leave the spice levels to the comfort of customers while orderging !

Chilli Chicken @ 11 East Street Bar

The Chilli Chicken was again prepared nicely, a typical bar-bite from chinese section that many like to have.

Asian Crunchy Salad @ 11 East Street Bar
Asian Crunchy Salad @ 11 East Street Bar

Somewhere in the midst of amazing bar-bites, we were also served the Asian Crunchy Salad. Damm the presentation was absolutely gorgeous and colourful. The salad had chicken cubes tossed into crunch of fresh greens.

Shammi Kebab Pav @ 11 East Street Bar

They also have a Pav Wow section, I guess dedicated to the Punekars love for Pav. From this section we were served Chatpatta Aloo Tikki Pav and Shammi Kebab Pav. The aloo tikki pav was fine, but the Shammi Kebab Pav was simply out of the world. The Shammi Kebab itself was delicious complementing as well as competing the Galauti Kebab served earlier. The chutney used with while putting the kebab patty into the pav added an altogether a different level of flavor to the whole preparation.

Mains @ 11 East Street Bar

As if we were not out and done with the bar bites, cometh the main course, that looked very tempting and irresistable.

Peri Peri Dal Khichdi @ 11 East Street Bar

The Peri Peri Dal Khichdi, both veg and non-veg variants, is an absolute delicious preparation and must try entity for people’s vising 11ESB. Amazing balace of flavors, and hard to believe it is called Khichdi.

Bhut Jolokia Khow Suey @ 11 East Street Bar

Bhut Jolokia Khow Suey seemed to look like the normal Khow Suey with colourful stopping making it quite attractive. But once consumed, the Bhut Jolokia effect kicked in, although not at alarming levels. One does not needs to be too scared of Bhut Jolokia’s presence, as its presence is quite suppressed and go ahead to try this version of Khow Suey.

Chicken Tikka Masala @ 11 East Street Bar

Chicken Tikka Masala, was probably one of the best that I had since ages in Pune. The gravy itself was absolutely delicious, so much so that I did not wanted chicken to be present inside it. The whole thing goes well with the Butter Nan served alongside it.

Butter Chicken and Egg Fried Rice @ 11 East Street Bar

Butter Chicken and Egg Fried Rice, was a combo adaptation of Butter Chicken and Egg Fried Rice served together with gravy on top of rice. The Butter Chicken again was simply mouth-savory, and well absolutely well with fried rice. THe only off entity in the whole serving was the presence of egg in the rice, which actually was not at all required. Well, I don’t know whether Chicken came first or Egg, but here you do not need Egg for sure.

Choco Vodka Lava @ 11 East Street Bar

Seemed like we were already done with the bar-bites and mains, with our appetite full till the throats, arrived the desserts. Initially we thought, would be tough to finish even one, but once the first dessert the Choco Vodka Lava arrived, it instead become tough to frame it for the picture as well. Finished before being framed 😉 , picture tells the story hey are damn right about it, Shakespeare would have written a play on this oozing chocolaty lava 😀 . The best part was, it was just sufficiently warm and not smoking hot when served and colourful presentation.

Sticky Chocolate Pudding @ 11 East Street Bar

The Sticky Chocolate Pudding and Nutella Bread & Butter Pudding were also good but faded to compete the first served dessert, might have loved them more if serving sequence was altered.

Nutella Bread & Butter Pudding @ 11 East Street Bar

And finally we reached our summits and surrendered to the amazing food that was served for the evening.

Nutella Bread & Butter Pudding (the remains) @ 11 East Street Bar

The takeaway for the evening : great time spend with food and drinks and with the always-crazy FoodProwl gang, and last but not the least, a Jack Daniel’s Chocolate Fudge as a momento from 11ESB.

Jack Daniel’s Chocolate Fudge @ 11 East Street Bar

Overall a great place to enjoy evening with drinks, food and long chats with friends or colleagues and certainly seems to be pocket friendly as well.

Disclaimer : The food tasting, exclusively for FoodProwl, was hosted by Joravar Sachdev (Owner) of 11 East Street Bar. The review, rather feedback, written is totally based on personal opinion and experience. Assuredly it is not a paid review. Visit the restaurant yourself and see how thinks go for you with  food, ambiance, service, etc.


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