Daawat-E-Khaas – Mohammad Ali Road Food Festival

Festival : Daawat-E-Khaas – Mohammad Ali Road Food Festival

Restaurant Name : Eighty Eight, Hyatt Pune, Nagar Road, Kalyani Nagar, Pune

Date of Visit: 14th June 2017

The buffet is priced at Rs. 1300/- + taxes and is only available for dinner from 14th – 26th June 2017.


An exclusive #FoodProwl (http://www.foodprowl.com/) food tasting event :), on the vert first day of the festival itself.

Cometh the holy month of Ramadan, a landmark named Mohammad Ali Road, Mumbai doesn’t needs any introduction to food lovers. The Mohammad Ali street is thronged by foodies to enjoy the mughlai delicacies on offer. At Hyatt, they intended to bring those delicacies from street food to upscale restaurant in Pune. Even the interiors were done, including the minor details like tablecloths, to resemble street side restaurants. And the best part, when it came to the actual food, was the the spice levels were also not suppressed too-much to alter flavors of the original food.

The menu for the evening was :

CHAAT : Aloo Tikki Ragda, Chudwa / Channa Chor Garam

GOLA : Kachchi Kairi, Kala Khatta, Rose

KEBAB : Tangri Kebab, Mutton Seekh Kebab, Soya Bean ki Chaap, Paneer Tiranga

TAWA : Gurda Kaleji, Soya Mutter Keema

MAIN COURSE : Nalli Nihari, Murgh Korma, Bohri Mohalla Murgh Pulao, Haleem, Kali Dal, Bharwan Bhindi, Paneer Khurchan, Steamed Rice, Paratha Walli Galli, Flavoured Roomali Roti

DESSERTS : Noorani Malpua, Suleman Usman ka Phirni, Mawa Jalebi

The mentioned menu, as informed by chef, has been planned to be slightly altered on daily basis. This has been done intentionally keeping in mind the in-house guests of Hyatt, so that the buffet doesn’t gets monotonous.

The undoubted stars of the evening were Gurda Kaleji and Mutton Seekh Kebab from  the non-veg starters section, Soya Mutter Keema and Soya Bean Ki Chaap from the veg section not lagging far behind. The Gurda Kaleji was so well done, just the perfect chackna entity one might call 😉

Haleem @ Daawat-E-Khaas. Image Credits : Aditya Gokhale (https://foodmirer.wordpress.com/2017/06/16/daawat-e-khaas-mohammad-ali-road-food-festival-hyatt-pune/)

From the main course, preparation of Haleem was simply mind blowing, one of the best that I had in Pune yet. Whilst discussing with chef Suvendu Roy, he informed us that the Haleem preparation is done slowly and overnight with preparation time taking almost close to 24 hours before being served. Also serving in the earthen pot infuses that extra aroma of the pot itself. So delicious was the Haleem that we finished the entire pot on that buffet.

Murgh Korma was another attraction from the main course section. The gravy itself was thick and so consistent, that one would easily keep the chicken pieces aside and keep gulping the mouth-watering gravy, heavenly feeling.

The Bohri Mohalla Murgh Pulao, was also very deliciously prepared. Consistency of infused aromas and very well balanced flavors made absolutely palatable.

The other preparation were also pretty good but the above mentioned ones were simply outstanding.

The desserts, very wide option and with a mix of Bengali sweets and sweets from Mohammad Ali road festival,after having such a sumptuous meal, felt to be just OK. The Noorani Malpua in particular could have been slightly better.

At end of the evening, after the sumptuous meal, Shruti Sengupta (Asst. Manager Marketing Communication) offered us the Sulemani Chai, the offer which we just could not reject to keep ourselves awake 😀

At last, special mention and thanks to Suraj Singh Jhala and Heena Grover Menon, of Karma PR for inviting the FoodProwl team for the food tasting event. Thanks to Shruti Sengupta (Asst. Manager Marketing Communication) for inviting and hosting the FoodProwl team. Last but not-the-least, a wholehearted to the chef  Suvendu Roy for presenting a mouth savory and such an archaic street food feast.

Food Prowl @ Eighty Eight Hyatt with Mrs. Shruti Sengupta (Asst. Manager Marketing Communications @ Hyatt)

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