Bubsterr’s goes Oink-Oink

Restaurant Name : Bubsterr’s, Shop 4, Chinar 1 Building, Floriana Estate, East Avenue Road,¬†Kalyani Nagar, Pune

Date of Visit: 29th March 2018

An exclusive #FoodProwl (http://www.foodprowl.com/) food tasting event ūüôā

Bubsterr’s¬†is already an established name for serving delicious burgers, hot dogs and pizzas. Recently they have introduced¬†pork¬†burgers and some salads¬†into their menu and¬†FoodProwl¬†was invited, byVidur¬†and Ridhiema,¬†to check out their new menu.

With not many options available for¬†Pork¬†burgers in the city, introduction of¬†pork¬†burgers at¬†Bubsterr’s¬†is definitely going to catch some porky eye-balls. I am going to follow the order in menu to write the details, instead of sequence in which served.

Starting off with burgers, as informed by Vidur, the patties used in each burgers are freshly prepared, after order is placed. This essentially ensures that the ingredients of a particular burger are blended in the patty itself, with distinct patties for every burger. This reflects easily in distinct flavors of each Burger patty that we tasted.

Classic Pork Burger @ Bubsterr’s

The Classic Pork Burger is the the basic burger that has a pork patty with onions and tomatoes with some lettuce. Just very basic stuff. The patty was juicy very well prepared. So if you do not fancy use of mayo or cheese in your burger, this is just what you are looking for.

Spicy Pork Burger @ Bubsterr’s

The Spicy Pork Burger  has a spiced pork patty with jalapenos and hot sauce, topped with cheese slice and crispy bacon strips served with tangy chipotle mayo sauce. As it turned out, the patty was not spicy enough to be called spicy, so that was something unanimously pointed out. Spicy need not be super spicy, but even the hint of spice was absent to justify the name. Right proportion of spice levels is always debatable, so best choice is to leave it to customers for their preferred spice levels. As they are preparing the patty from scratch, after the order is received, the patty can be easily customised as per requirements. So if you leave the spicy debate aside, the burger itself was excellent, the bacon strips increase the excitement of having a pork burger.

BBQ Pork Burger @ Bubsterr’s

The BBQ Pork Burger has a a BBQ infused patty, topped with BBQ bacon and coleslaw. An absolutely magical combination for the taste buds. Other the the flavor of smoked patty, the use crisp bacon strips makes it an excellent choice.

Massive Porky Lucy @ Bubsterr’s

The¬†Massive Porky Lucy¬†– 6 oz. of pork meat itself sounds exiting and that’s what makes it massive. Pork meat stuffed with cheese into a patty topped with cheese and more cheese, loaded with bacon strips – sounds colossal. Damm this was really massive and porky. So much awesomeness compacted into the burger.¬† Yet with so much stuffing, the burger eating does not gets messy without any fluid leaking out from any side. With every bite, the patty and cheese will simply melt in your mouth. Priced at 280/-, its an¬†absolute¬†porky feast not to be missed.

Mutt-Shroom Burger @ Bubsterr’s

We had a couple of burgers from their regular menu as well. The Mutt-Shroom Burger has a minced mutton patty topped with their in-house BBQ mushroom sauce. It is an excellent choice for mutton lovers.

Nawabi Mutton Burger @ Bubsterr’s

Other than this, the¬†Nawabi Mutton Burger is a must try burger at¬†Bubsterr’s. Minced mutton patty in Indian spices topped with their in-house green chutney creates nice Indianised flavors to suite the masses.

Bubs Fiery Chicken @ Bubsterr’s

The Bubs Fiery Chicken  is a classic choice for kukkad lovers. The chicken patty used is nice juicy and spicy. May be the Spicy Pork Burger should mimic the fiery chicken version.

Classic Greek Salad @ Bubsterr’s

From the newly launched salads menu, the Classic Greek Salad is made using cherry tomatoes, cucumber, onions, basil and olives on a bed of lettuce. Ingredients tossed in garlic infused olive oil with herbs gives nice dressing to the salad. Topped with crumbled feta cheese, the salad is quite refreshing to beat the summer heat.

Caesar Salad @ Bubsterr’s

The Caesar Salad, prepared using romaine and iceberg lettuce tossed in creamy Caesar based dressing, loaded with crispy croutons and cheese. As if this is insufficient, the salad was topped with bacon Рnow beat that. I never had such a preparation of Caesar salad topped with bacon, absolutely mind blowing.

Chefs Special Salad @ Bubsterr’s

On an otherwise porky evening, the unexpected star was their¬†Chefs Special Salad !!!¬†Hard to still believe, but equally true, that after so much pork and meat, a vegetarian salad managed sneaked to be the heart-winner. Till the time never even imagined in my wildest dreams that such a delicious salad can be prepared using beetroot. Simply out of the box stuff – kudos to¬†Vidur¬†and Ridhiema for coming out with such a surprise package. Beetroot, feta cheese, roasted walnuts topped with balsamic vinegar glaze, on a bed of lettuce in live oil and parsley infused dressing. That a lot of effort that went into the salad, and the emitting flavors fully justify the efforts. This is a must try, rather must have, salad at¬†Bubsterr’s.

FoodProwl Team @ Bubsterr’s @ Bubsterr’s
FoodProwl Team @ Bubsterr’s @ Bubsterr’s

Special thanks to Sasha Anand and Pomelo Social for inviting FoodProwl.

Disclaimer : The food tasting, exclusively for FoodProwl, was hosted by Vidur and Ridhiema Mehmi, owners of Bubsterr’s, Pune. The review, rather feedback, written is totally based on personal opinion and experience. Assuredly it is not a paid review. Visit the restaurant yourself and see how thinks go for you with¬† food, ambiance, service, etc.

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